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artisanal fire starters | 4 pack

Sale price$10.00

Get your fires going quickly, safely and with ease.

Individually handcrafted from leftover natural coconut and soy wax, simply place within your firewood or kindling and light the wick.

Each one is completely unique and may include cotton/wooden wick trimmings, excelsior (natural Aspen wood fibers), Spruce clippings, organic herbs and botanicals, dried fruit, pinecones and more.

All additives are completely safe to burn and non-toxic, down to the individual cups they’re packaged in (which also double as completely compostable and recyclable). 

Although fragranced, the scents will barely, if at all, come through as the fire is burning and are not designed to be used necessarily as an aromatic experience (although it can be a bonus!).

The wax will completely burn off so long as the fire burns long enough to allow it. 

Please keep in mind these are not wax melts or candles.

Customer Reviews

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Smell Amazing!!

Super fast shipping and excellent service. I’m very picky with candle scents and have become obsessed with ARNUM&CO. Will order again soon! Thank you!! 😃