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Our Story

Like many of you during the onset of the pandemic, I found myself overwhelmed and incredibly uncertain about the future. I was (am) a single mother to a special needs child working full time. Once everything shut down and I was stuck at home trying to juggle it all, it eventually took its toll on me. I became depressed, my anxiety was at an all time high and I was so tired of the constant stream of negative news coverage that I began looking for ways to cope in hopes it could help someone else, too. I knew I wasn't alone.

It sounds so juvenile, but my mission became simply to do my part in bringing some good back into the world. I wanted to remind everyone that hey, we can actually still enjoy things, you know - even if we can't go outside right now. I wanted to remind everyone that it's okay to prioritize self-care and self-reflection. It's okay to slow down and be present. To me, this is true luxury, and one most can afford.

We are all fine folk deserving of fine things, whatever they are to you.

To honor this, I intentionally take the time to create items that are meant to make you feel good with incredible, high quality ingredients. They are then thoroughly tested and must pass my (admittedly high) quality and stress standards to ensure you receive nothing but the absolute best.

I truly hope this little piece of good - from me - serves you in the highest way. You deserve it.


With love, light, and gratitude --

Owner, Founder